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Custom Made Natural Mattresses, Futons and Furniture

We offer unique custom made futon options which allow you to shape and direct the creation of your furniture. Whether you need mattresses for a different enivoronment such as a ship, or you simply have a vision in your head of the perfect piece to suit the vibe of your home, we can work with you to produce a masterfully-crafted unit that aligns with your needs.

We respect and understand the unique needs of each of our customers - we know that the 'one size fits all' model of large manufacturers is often at odds with the personal touch needed for a piece of home furniture you will spend many hours of your life lying, sitting or sleeping on.

We take pride in our custom-made pieces and the way they reflect the individual personalities and styles of our customers. We can modify one of our existing designs for you, or work with your own creative vision to make your design into a comfortable, durable and aesthetically-pleasing reality.

Key Benefits of Custom Mattresses:

  • Mattress made to fit your current layout and decoration
  • Your item is made with an extra personal touch
  • Apply your own vision to our environmentally friendly materials and process

Materials We Work With:

  • Choose your timber: Macrocarpa, Eucalyptis Fastigata, or another wood of your choice
  • Hemptech fabric linen
  • Rubberised coco fiber
  • Certified organic wool


Below you can see some examples of our custom made furniture.

Custom made futon

A hand-crafted, custom made futon on Macrocarpa furniture.

Custom made furniture

A custom sofa set on Macrocarpa base.

Custom made furniture close detail

Close up detail of fabric and wood-working.

Custom made couch

Custom-made settee on Eucalyptis Fastigata base.