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Futons/Organic Wool
Futons/Organic Wool
Futons/Organic Wool
Futons/Organic Wool
Our 7.5cm thickness is the Japanese traditional roll-up futon

Futons/Organic Wool

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Traditional Futon filled with different densities of wool.


2.5cm - 7.5cm Futon is considered very firm.

10cm -  Futon is considered firm

12.5cm - Futon is medium firm

Mattress filling materials

2.5cm Exercise Mat : 1 x 800g /m2 organic wool

5cm Shiatsu Mat : 2 x 800g/m2 organic wool / 2 x 500g/m2 organic wool

7.5cm Roll-up : 4 x 800g/m2 organic wool /2 x 500g/m2 organic wool

10cm Futon : 4 x 800g/m2 organic wool /4 x 500g/m2 organic wool

12.5cm Futon : 3 x 800g/m2 organic wool / 10 x 500g/m2 organic wool

Choose a thickness for different uses

2.5cm is our recommended thickness for yoga mats.

5cm for Shiatsu practitioners .

7.5cm is a standard thickness for the traditional Japanese Roll-up style.

Optional removable cover

Our Futon doesn't come with a removable cover (as per the images). We can make a cover in color of your choice from our partner, Frost Textiles. Please see our variety of 100% cotton cover here.

Customize your Futons

We can make custom sizes, thickness, and covers. Select the custom option, and tell us more about your project at checkout, or through our contact form.