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About Futon Ya San

Welcome! Futon Ya San is a group of friends living and working together in a small community in the wonderful Kaipara. Our desire is to create a self-sustained, eco-conscious and organic lifestyle that reflects our understanding of healthy living in harmony with nature.

In a time where environmental preservation, sustainability and a 'clean green' image has been commercialised to the point where it is a commonplace - if not vital - factor to the survival of businesses, more often than not 'image', is all it is. Unfortunately many businesses will promote such an image, all the while pertaining to other 'unmentioned' practices that contradict it.

Having said that, we also understand that while eco- awareness is growing, the reality is that we have a long way to go and are still quite restricted in the availability of organic source materials. This is because demand for such materials is still more rhetorical than actual, and for many people budget still overrides most other considerations.

With this in mind, our aim is to continually seek out new source materials that are as close as possible to fitting within our ideology, but at the same time are financially feasible. It's not perfect, but certainly a step in the right direction! Our idea in this is that as demand for organic products grows, more manufacturers will produce materials to meet this demand, and prices will become more competitive. This will allow us to move towards our goal of 100% natural and organic products. In the meantime, we vow to be 100% honest and upfront about the non-organic components we use : )