Custom made Futon mattress

Our handcrafted futon are made of 100% certified organic wool in NZ, for greater support, healthier sleep, better for the environment

About Futon Ya San Organic

We are an eco-conscious group of friends, living and working together in a small community in the wonderful Kaipara (Northland, Aotearoa NZ).

All of our sustainable products are hand crafted for a healthier lifestyle.

Our materials

Our long term goal is to produce 100% natural and organic product. So we continually seek out new materials that are as organic, natural, sustainable, yet competitive, as possible.

In the meantime, we vow to be 100% honest and upfront about the non-organic components we use!

Certified organic wool

Sustainable Coco fibre

Beautifully handcrafted

Talk to us about your project

We offer unique custom made futon options which allow you to shape and direct the creation of your furniture.

Whether you need mattresses for a different environment such as a ship, a tiny house, or you simply have a vision of the perfect piece for your home, we can work with you to produce a masterfully-crafted unit that aligns with your needs.