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About Futon

For thousands of years, Futons were favoured in Japan as the most practical and comfortable sleeping arrangement. Adopted in the West in the 1970's, Futons revolutionised how people slept, and even decorated their homes.

Known for supporting good posture, and balanced warmth during sleep due to natural air circulation/moisture dissipation - qualities unique to Futons - so your body is able to rest in a fully supported manner, with optimal comfort, whilst allowing your skin to breathe.

Futons offer cool and restful sleep in summer; warm cosiness during winter. Enjoy a sense of protection and nurturing from closeness to natural hemp or cotton covers, free of electro-magnetic stress commonly found in other mattresses.

Key benefits:

  • Natural air circulation/moisture dissipation
  • Cool in summer, warm and cozy in winter
  • Free of electro-magnetic stress
  • Environmentally friendly materials